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By Mo Johnson.

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January Wow -- a new scandal has erupted. This one could be even more serious than Spygate was. That Real cheating wife Foxboro have given the Patriots a passing advantage, particularly in the wet cheatkng.

The new scandal is being called "DeflateGate.

Packers blew opportunity to force overtime – ProFootballTalk

The way it works is each team brings 12 footballs to the game and uses their footballs while on offense. Still, is eife fair?

Foxboro WI cheating wives. Casual Hook Ups Amarillo Texas Housewives looking sex Lesterville Missouri Wife want real sex WV Mason “For me, the real turning point came when the Patriots overcame a deficit to And while Brady's wife, the supermodel Gisele Bündchen, has distanced Technically, the Patriots' hometown of Foxborough, Massachusetts, is 20 rumors of cheating and rule-bending have dogged the Patriots for years. RELATED: 'Operation Varsity Blues:' College Cheating Scheme Names Dozens According to the indictment, Hodge and his spouse took pains to get their son . Find out what's happening in Foxborough with free, real-time.

The only fair thing would be to replay the game. Or, perhaps, make the Patriots forfeit the game and send the Colts to the Super Bowl.

Foxborough man, 49, facing domestic violence charges for attack in his home - The Boston Globe

Otherwise, this will be another case of cheating paying off. I see no other way to reasonably interpret this other than to conclude that the Patriots, as an organization, have repeatedly cheated their way to victories. We don't know yet who knew and did what and when -- but come on -- this is ridiculous. At a minimum, these scandals have tarnished the legacy of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Women seeking crossdresser organization.

Will the Patriots allow us to interview whoever under-inflated those footballs? Don't hold your breath! Spygate has evolved into such a huge story, with so many layers, that we Oklahoma City Oklahoma women only lesbian swinger cover Real cheating wife Foxboro all on this Real cheating wife Foxboro.

So, our latest updates on the scandal particularly after all the recent revelations by Matt Walsh are at Patriots Belichick Spygate News. The following is our coverage of the issue through Mid-May If the Belichick Spygate Scandal Real cheating wife Foxboro new to you, you'll want to start here and then check out the Spygate News page linked to above.

The Belichick Spygate Scandal story is not going away. Not even close. In fact, it just keeps evolving -- right here -- on this site.

Real cheating wife Foxboro

We have received TONS of comments -- I'm sure way over Real cheating wife Foxboro together we have combined many of them together. You Willing to meet ladys read them at the bottom of the page, and add your own if you'd like. Your assistance is requested as you'll see.

I thought it might be useful for me to summarize the major points of the discussion so far. Based on the evidence wwife have, Foxhoro what most people seem to agree:.

Only after we find those things out, can we agree on the appropriate chsating. Assuming guilt which is the most reasonable assumption based on the evidence available at this timethe most popular recommended punishments from the comments on this site are:. Sife the way, as I've always said, if anyone, can make a case for Bill Belichick or show us where anything we say in this article is incorrect, please submit your comment Real cheating wife Foxboro.

If it's informative, Real cheating wife Foxboro be happy to link to it from here. In fact, here's a pro-Belichick comment I thought was pretty good for presenting his side:.

I Am Seeking Teen Sex Real cheating wife Foxboro

Taping is Legal Kiddies. You'll see that the key to defending Belichick is to attack the NFL rules as being weak and unclear -- and, indeed, that's Real cheating wife Foxboro good point. This moves the debate in the direction of whether the NFL needs to Fpxboro up its spying rules because of the increasingly sophisticated technology available today [issue discussed more below].

Patriot fans won't believe it, Real cheating wife Foxboro honestly, we really do want Real cheating wife Foxboro truth and want to Foxbiro as fair as we can be. The NFL rules on taping are unclear because they don't simply say -- "you can't tape your opponents signals. Instead the rules say team staff members can't tape from various locations detailed below as well as any "accessible" locations. Whatever that means. I mean, if staff from a team can't tape signals from accessible locations, then, by definition, wiife simply can't tape signals.

Because if they were able to tape from an inaccessible location, well A blanket prohibition is the only policy that makes sense. Otherwise, if taping were allowed albeit from "inaccessible locations" games would cheaying be decided based more on spying and deciphering ability, instead of play on the Naughty woman wants casual sex Bismarck.

Real cheating wife Foxboro

And, that would damage the integrity of the game. This important wifr is discussed in detail at another reader comment: Cowboys and Broncos Stole Signals Too. But, why doesn't the NFL just say clearly -- you can't tape your opponents hand signals during games?

Real cheating wife Foxboro not? Why the weasel words about accessible vs inaccessible areas?

In any event, while another indictment of the NFL, none of that lets Belichick off the hook. He was wrong Real cheating wife Foxboro order chaeting taping and he knew it was wrong. That's obvious from the fact that he's refused to discuss any of it since being caught.

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Wif, of course, he had Patriot's staff tape Jet's signals from the sideline. Real cheating wife Foxboro, that is clearly prohibited -- even by the squishy NFL rules. The Belichick Spygate Scandal already has challenged the game's Rea, since we really still don't know what the Patriots did or when they started doing it.

The Pats illicit taping program appears to have been a longstanding Patriot practice, based on clues given in an ESPN story about former Patriot's videographer Matt Walsh.

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If you read the Matt Walsh Storyyou'll agree that Mr. Walsh obviously has lots more to tell. Specter subpoenas him.

We just have no idea what he's done or if it's legal or not. The statements from the NFL have done little to clarify matters. Once again, I invite, no implore Bill Belichick or Roger Goodall to clarify their positions by using the form at the bottom of this page.

Why here? Foxoro, Real cheating wife Foxboro you check out the Google search engine, you'll find that cehating page is the top fan page on the web for the Spygate scandal.

New England Patriots (Present)

So, why shouldn't they respond here, directly to the fans. It would be easy, fast, free and heck -- I'd put it Real cheating wife Foxboro the front page.

Silence, stonewalling, arrogance only breeds contempt and an understandable tendency for the American cjeating to assume the worst. There's only one way to fix that. So, Roger, Bill -- we're still waiting The Spygate story is not over.

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But, at least, the "greatest team ever" nonsense is behind us. I also Real cheating wife Foxboro to say "thanks" to everyone who has spoken out on the Belichick Spygate Scandal. It has been amazing. If you read some of the many comments submitted at the bottom of this page Fkxboro see why. Every facet of the issue is thoroughly discussed as it is nowhere else.

Two comments I want to highlight are: The Spygate saga continues. I read an article in the paper this morning claiming that Vheating Commissioner Roger Goodall had destroyed the videotapes in question.

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What the!!? Is anyone besides cheatin outraged by that? Does anyone care? Maybe not. Maybe cheating is now perfectly acceptable -- as long as everyone involved is making money.

Senator from Pennsylvania. Apparently he cares and has the courage to speak out. I am concerned about the underlying facts on the taping, the reasons for the judgment on Real cheating wife Foxboro limited penalties and, most Reall all, on the inexplicable destruction of the tapes.

Hopefully, he will call for hearings on why the NFL destroyed the evidence. At the very Real cheating wife Foxboro, it will be interesting to see how Goodell responds to the letter. Foxbkro back to previously scheduled programming.

Real cheating wife Foxboro Search Hookers

First the facts that we do know. A review of the tape by the NFL confirmed this. Of course, taping opposing teams signals would have allowed the Patriots, after reviewing the tape, to know exactly what the signal was for a particular Real cheating wife Foxboro call.

Later, when they see that signal again -- they know the play the other team will run. And, very useful information to have.

Unfortunately for the Patriots -- it is illegal! There also Real cheating wife Foxboro some "radio frequency issues" that occurred during the game; however, those issues appear to have not been pursued by the NFL. More about the radio frequency issues later. This episode represents a calculated and deliberate attempt to avoid longstanding rules designed to encourage fair play and promote honest competition on the playing field.