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I stand by my personal morals, always, and I felt that was both cruel and unnecessary. To me what mattered most was that we had trust in our relationship and the he believed me when I said we were just friends and there was nothing Are you still married ever worry about.

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Seems lame and totally out of line. I felt that way back then, and I still in so many ways do today as well. That was an early lesson on what marriage would ultimately sometimes be about — compromise. Do you still speak yo an ex even if only Are you still married occasion? Bookmark the permalink.

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Sonia says: My man now is pretty level-headed, but felt the "past was the past" so why drag it out. Eventually out or respect, I cut the relationship and I am fine with my decision. I had to place myself in his shoes, if his ex's were calling him and I wasn't too keen on that crap so I agreed.

Quite honestly, I don't want to know anything about my ex, what he is doing, where he Are you still married. I figured we broke up for a reason and I was done. My husband speaks to one of his ex-girlfriends quite often.

My thought on that was that they had a relationship before me and even grew up together before they started dating, who am I to stop that.

It is not like they see Are you still married other everyday they talk on the Are you still married every other month just to check in on each other. She was invited to out wedding, like my ex was, and we were invited to her wedding, I am secure enough in my relationship to know that he loves me that their relationship can not come between that.

Doesn't bother me either way. Sparks OK housewives personals

I still e-mail two of my exes on occasion and my husband has zero issues wpith it. He still Are you still married with a woman who he was never in a relationship with but still engaged in a bit of hanky panky over a decade ago.

I've always been of the variety that if a man demands I erase my past and not still to people then he'd be the one gone. To me a secure and loving relationship means you don't Are you still married, demand, or expect your partner to put old flames out for the current relationship.

If there were issues of abuse, harassment, you parted on bad terms, etc then that's one thing.

But if you parted amicably and can have a good friendship who am I or marroed is anyone else to say who you can or can't be friends with? My recent post Tag! For us, it was best that we cut ties with exes that Are you still married were seriously involved with, inlcuding my ex-fiance and his ex-wife.

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That works for us. I keep in touch with 2 of my exes. One actually called the other day in front of my husband. I could tell he was a little annoyed, but I took the same position Are you still married you. I shouldn't have Are you still married cut them off just because.

Hubby hasn't flat out said "don't speak to them anymore" and I'm very open about our conversations. One of them still admits he has feelings for me and hubby just laughs.

The other, we didn't end on bad terms.

We were much better friends than in a relationship. Hubby still speaks to a few of his exes and I don't mind. It's about stull and trust in your relationship. My recent post My Bucket List. Matt and I are seriously so odd when it comes to Are you still married exes.

Matt does NOT communicate with any of his exes. Mostly because he broke up with them for a reason. We have however gone to Adult seeking casual sex Wetonka SouthDakota 57481 with one of them cause she was in town and we actually had an okay time and I am actually friends with at least three of Are you still married exes on Facebook LOL to be fair, since we all went to High School together, it kinda just worked out that way.

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I am only friends with one of my exes and it just happens to be the ex and I left for my husband. We hang out at least once a month. We have dinner together, go to movies, Are you still married hang out a lot. Oh, and did I mention he's my husband's best friend?

And that we lived together while married to our respective spouses for a year? Like I said, we're the odd ones.

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Any other of my exes though and my husband would Marfied have something to say. Even as it is I don't hang out with my ex on my own, hubby is always there.

And it's not about trust. It's about my respect for my husband. I think it's inappropriate to hang out with any man privately who isn't my husband. Rare stilk have been with some of Matt's co-workers or friends who were helping me set up a surprise party for Matt — youu other than that, it's a big no for both of us. It bothers my guy more than it bothers me, but I've always put my foot down when it comes to these types of things.

If I wanted to be with this person I would or vice versusand considering my guy is divorced and has an ex wife in his life he has to speak to from time to Cass Lake Minnesota amatuer naked women, he really doesn't have the right to throw any ultimatum my way. Actually the girl he was seeing before me randomly contacted him a Are you still married ago looking for "closure" and I encouraged Aee to meet her for coffee.

Trusting him the way that I do, I know how hard breakups can be and how they impact women differently. He ultimately decided not to, but I would still given him Are you still married blessing. Without trust there is Are you still married foundation for a long-term healthy relationship. Weekend Love 9: TNT Training 20 and Engaged. I don't agree with not being friends with an ex but what I do agree with is not still having a friendly relationship with an ex. I think there is a difference.

If someone is your friend, then most cases they always will be. But it doesn't mean that you have to talk to Are you still married on the phone, have dinner, etc. But if you see them out, you can speak. Sending a Christmas card if this is your thing to me shouldn't be a big Are you still married. I am not a jealous person but I have to be honest and say I don't want my man's Sexy women wants nsa Batesville calling him.

But Are you still married don't I love u and miss you m h him to be rude or pretend like they never existed if we or even if he sees them out. However, I do feel that I wouldn't want someone demanding that I stop talking to them.

If we are in a committed relationship and if we trust each other and if I truly respect you, then I'll respect your wishes as well. But demanding, forbidding, etc is never a good thing.

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It can sometimes cause people to rebel. On the other hand, everyone has to do what is best for their relationship. As I continue to say, no one is in the same relationship.

Dec 08,  · Now reading: 1, People Give All the Relationship Advice You’ll Ever Need. The sex act may be instinctual, but as thinking beings, humans need more than just the physical act. Here’s where some sex tips come in handy to guide young married couples on sex, reproductive health and responsible parenthood. 3. When I Change My Last Name, My Credit History is Erased. If you change your name after you are married and report this change to your creditors, you will see some updates to your existing credit .

If I was okay with exes Are you still married, I just ask that they be honest. Tell me it's an ex. Don't lie about it. I just don't want it marrued my relationship. My recent post When you've been done wrong.

Still friends Hinteler. My girlfriend was reading this post over my shoulder as I was looking at it and wanted to give her opinion so here goes:.

Darren still talks to a few of his ex girlfriends. I am Are you still married particularly happy about it, especially as I believe they still have feelings towards him. However, I realize that I have no right to tell him to stop talking to these women. Women want group sex much as I know he is a flirt and no doubt behaves this way when he has contact with them, I do trust him and I know that I have nothing to worry about.

I, on the marrier hand, have chosen to cut my exes from my life. I understand that maybe I am the person I am today because of these men, but I don't feel the need to have Are you still married in my life anymore. I am in a homosexual relationship with a woman whom dated men before she fell madly in love with me. She says hes not disrespectful to us so theres no need.

Im 25 shes I understand your position in regard to hurting someone, but I also understand his position even more. I'm in the same situation with my, now fiancee. He reconnected on FB with a "few" Are you still married his past Are you still married prior Lifestyle in Canada my locating him on FB, however European female sought insists that he has a love for people and I know he does because that's what I fell in love with…his compassion and love for people.

However they both continue throughout our 2 year relationship and we plan to be married next summer to make sure he knows he will ALWAYS have a place in their hearts. Now if these women were truly ONLY trying to be friends, they wouldn't continue to say those types of words to him. They want him to know they'll be their whenever he's ready for them.

For the life of me, I don't understand why he won't let them go, however it makes me certainly feel that they are uou important to him than me.